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Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Instructions


A natural Christmas tree is a living object to enjoy in your home through smell and sight. By following three easy steps, your tree should retain its freshness for 3 to 4 weeks.

  1. There must be a fresh ¾ inch (2cm) cut on the tree stump before it is placed in water. The cut must be no more than 2 hours old, otherwise the sap will begin to dry and seal the cut, preventing the water from rising up.
  2. The tree must be kept well watered. Place the tree in a stand capable of holding at least one day’s worth of water (approx. 4 – 6 litres).
  3. The first fill should be with hot tap water enabling the sap to flow readily as the tree thaws. Water will be drawn upwards, replenishing the moisture to the extremities.

A premium 6-8 foot natural tree may draw 4 litres of water in the first 12-36 hours. This same amount can be taken up for several more days before tapering off to lower levels. In a 3 week period the tree can consume 50-60 litres of plain water. As a general rule, trees can consume about 1 litre of water per day per inch of stem diameter.

Don’t worry if your tree doesn’t absorb water for a few days; a freshly cut tree often won’t take up water immediately. Christmas tree water intake depends on various factors, including room temperature and the size of the tree.

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