Chieftain Organic Seed Potatoes


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500g Bag

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Product of Canada!

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Never tried growing your own potatoes before? Don't think you have room in the garden to grow potatoes? Maybe it just seems like to much work. Try a potato planter! A reusable bag that is perfectly suited to growing potatoes. This planter allows you to grow potatoes in a small space and you get the added bonus of being able to harvest before the season end. Check below to see a potato planter in action.

potato planter
Potato Planter

Using a Potato Planter

Roll top of bag down until about 30cm or 12in. You may want to add some soil to the bottom for weight to aid in rolling down the bag.
Make sure about 1/3 of the rolled down bag is filled with soil.
Add 3-4 potatoes to the bag and fill another 1/3 with soil. Your bag should be 2/3 full and the potatoes about halfway down in the soil.
Water Well
Once plants are growing, unfold some of the bag and add more soil around the plants. Continue this process as the plants grow until the bag is completely unfolded.
Keep soil moist but not soaking.
Harvest potatoes a few at a time after the blossoms have faded using the opening on the side of the planter.
Potato Planter 1
Potato Planter 2
Potato Planter 3

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